What is autoPay?

autoPay combines two highly anticipated contract mechanisms in one contract – an automated LP burn mechanism coupled with a BSC token reward mechanism.

Our contract features a hardcoded LP burn mechanism which increases the liquidity pool by turning $autoPay tokens from its token pool (collected from taxes) to LP tokens, sending the LP tokens to the burn address afterwards.

While doing so, autoPay will also reward its holders with automated direct rewards paid every 6 hours to investors wallets for holding $autoPay tokens (manual claim possible). The rewards can be any kind of BSC token, the community will decide via Telegram polls which token they want to earn for 48 hours. After the 48 hours period ends, a new earned token will be determined by Telegram polls.

More info about this poll system can be obtained from our staff in our official Telegram group.

Disclaimer: In order to prevent any voting fraud commited by foreign token communities we will only count votes of voters who join the official autoPay Telegram community.


Have an in depth look into our project by reading our whitepaper.

Why autoPay?

Automated Rewards

Earn rewards as any BSC token for holding $autoPay tokens. The earned reward currency will be determined by the autoPay community and will be active for 48 hours after the current Telegram poll ends.

7% of every transaction will be collected as $autoPay tokens and liquidated automatically to buy the reward token which will be distributed to holders.

Automated LP Burn

Our contract increases the LP automatically by turning tokens collected from the taxes to LP tokens. The newly created LP tokens are being sent to the burn address afterwards.

3% of every transaction will be collected as $autoPay tokens and turned to LP tokens to proceed with the LP burns.

Charity donations

We will make an instant donation of 20 BNB to a community chosen Binance charity project for each 1 Million USD market cap milestone we hit. Donations will be made only once per market cap milestone hit - so if we would drop below a milestone market cap and hit it again, there won't be made another donation for the same milestone.

5% of every transaction will be collected as $autoPay tokens and liquidated automatically to be used for marketing and these donations.


Total Supply of $autoPay tokens
PancakeSwap allocation
Team & Marketing wallet


Phase 1
  • Project name ✓
  • Logo creation ✓
  • Website ✓
  • Social media accounts ✓
  • Shilling material ✓
  • Contact crypto influencers to promote presale ✓
  • Promote presale on Twitter ✓
  • Promote presale on Reddit ✓
  • Promote presale in YouTube comments ✓
  • Develop partnerships with other tokens ✓
Phase 2
First few days after launch
  • DXSale Presale (failed)
  • Relaunch as stealth launch ✓
  • Succesful PancakeSwap launch ✓
  • Develop more partnerships with other tokens
  • Apply to CoinGecko
  • Apply to CoinMarketCap
  • Paid contract audit
  • Promos with Twitter influencers ✓
  • Promos with YouTube influencers
  • First 20 BNB donation to charity at 1M market cap
  • Apply for Logo on Trust Wallet, PancakeSwap, PooCoin etc. at 2500 holders
Phase 3
Following weeks
  • First CEX listing
  • Blockfolio listing
  • Delta App listing
  • Push for 10'000 Telegram members
  • Push for 10'000 holders
  • Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupé Giveaway at $50 Million market cap
  • dApp release to track earnings gained from autoPay
  • Website revamp
  • More and bigger marketing moves
  • Real life usecases

How to buy $autoPay?

⦿ Download Trust Wallet or MetaMask Wallet and create a wallet.
⦿ Switch to the Binance Smart Chain using this tutorial for Trust Wallet and this tutorial for MetaMask.
⦿ Buy BNB on Binance and send it to your Trust or MetaMask Wallet using this tutorial.
⦿ After you funded your BSC wallet with BNB visit this link to buy $autoPay on PancakeSwap.
⦿ Set your ‘Slippage’ to 15% in the settings for PancakeSwap and swap BNB for $autoPay.
⦿ Start earning rewards for holding $autoPay tokens.

Meet the team

Seyko Can – CEO of autoPay

Being interested in technology and computers since my childhood made me dip into the crypto world by mining Litecoin (LTC) in my living room with my self built mining rig in 2013. I’m amazed at how the world started adapting to crypto in general. Witnessing all kinds of bull and bear cycles pushed me to learn how to handle things according to the circumstances. I never give up when I strive to reach my goals, that’s why I will put everything in my power to make autoPay a success for everybody involved.

Social links:

Fawn Williams – CTO of autoPay

I’m currently studying electronic engineering and information technogolies, therefore I’m fluent in programming languages like C#, Python, Java and SQL. Solidity catched my attention pretty quickly after the Binance Smart Chain gained popularity, that’s why I started adapting to Solidity. As of now, I can surely say that I’m very well versed with Solidity, so any demand by the steadily evolving cryptosphere can be fulfilled.



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